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Local History
Buckingham Town
The Parish Church and the Great River Ouse

Just 13 miles from central Milton Keynes you'll find our town - Buckingham. A name that is today commonly associated with the palace in London, but which for many years was the county town of Buckinghamshire.

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St Rumbold

St RumboldOn the front of the old Manor House is a small, decorative picture of a young cherub-like figure.

This is a likeness of St Rumbold who is associated with a well on the outskirts of town and, according to local legend, was buried in the old graveyard, the original site of Buckingham's church building. The story of his life stretches the belief of most, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

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Old Gaol

The Old Gaol todaySat in the middle of the Market Square, visitors cannot fail to miss the Old Gaol building. Currently used as a museum and tourist information shop, what was its original purpose and why does it look like a castle?

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Buckingham Railway

If you take a walk along Hunter Street towards Mitre Street, you'll see an old red-brick viaduct. This is one of the few clues that link Buckingham with the railways that were once prevalent throughout the UK. Turning left into Station Road (another clue) leads you up a hill to a car park which once served as the town's station.


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