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Buckingham Town
The Parish Church and the Great River Ouse

Just 13 miles from central Milton Keynes you'll find our town - Buckingham. A name that is today commonly associated with the palace in London, but which for many years was the county town of Buckinghamshire.

Old MillIn 7th century AD, Buckingham, literally "meadow of Bucca's people" is said to have been founded by Bucca, the leade of the first German settlers. The first settlement was located around the top of a loop in the River Great Ouse, presently the Hunter Street campus of the University of Buckingham.

Between the 7th and 11th Centuries, the town of Buckingham regularly changed hands between the Saxons and the Danes, in particular, in 914 King Edward the Elder and a Saxon army encamped in Buckingham for four weeks forcing local Danish leaders to surrender. Subsequently a fort was constructed at the location of the present Buckingham Parish Church.


The town received its charter in 1554 when Queen Mary created the free borough of Buckingham with boundaries extending from Thornborowe bridge (now Thornborough) to Dudley bridge and from Chackmore bridge to Padbury Mill bridge. The designated borough included a bailiff, twelve principal burgesses and a steward.

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