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Welcome to Buckingham
View of the parish church in Buckingham

Sitting in a loop of the Great River Ouse, at the northern edge of the county of Buckinghamshire, sits the market town of Buckingham. With quiet walks along the river and old railway, the quirky Old Gaol dominating the centre of town and a golden swan looking down the High Street from the top of the Old Town Hall, there is much to intrigue the casual visitor.

That's one picture of Buckingham, and the only one that some see, but it's far from the whole picture. The town is steeped in history going back to Alfred the Great but Buckingham is still very much alive in the present day.

Having grown to a population around 10,000 the town is now defined by major housing estates that surround the historic town centre while it still manages to retain much of its small town charm and character.

You might say that Buckingham has had more than its fair share of trouble. Most of the oldest parts of town were destroyed when fire ripped through in 1725 leaving behind very little that is typically “ancient”. The river that defines the town has flooded on several occasions, most recently in the summer of 2007 causing damage to several dozen homes. The threat of more flooding in the near future still hangs over us.

With the global recession hitting us also – most visibly with the closure of Woolworths – these are uncertain times for many residents. Yet the sense of community in the town is still strong. It’s this attitude of pulling together when times are tough that make it a true pleasure to live here.

If you’ve never visited Buckingham before please do make use of the information on this website to plan your stay. If you’re thinking about moving here, there’s plenty of information for you too – whether you need to find places to shop, eat, or drink; find local schools, clubs and events; you can find it all here.

We hope to see you here soon.